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As with most nonprofit animal welfare organizations that save lives, volunteerism is vital to our success. Greyhound Friends welcomes volunteers whether or not they have brought a greyhound into their home. All that is required is a love of animals and a willingness to work.

Meet and Greet Opportunities

Does your greyhound love new people and environments, getting extra pats and hugs, and lots of activity? If so, let us invite you to volunteer for Greyhound Friends’ meet and greets held throughout the year. These opportunities are in a variety of venues and numerous times during the year so you can find a few that suit your schedule without having to make a long-term volunteer commitment. It’s a wonderful way to introduce and educate the public on the joys of owning a retired racing greyhound. If your pup is not the meet and greet “type,” but you can’t say enough about how owning one of these special pets has enriched your life, please come without your pup! We sometimes take our kennel guests to meet potential adopters depending on the event and necessary safety precautions, so that might be an option for you as well. Visit our Events Calendar for a current schedule or contact Linda Landry at lhlandry at for more information. We would love to have you join us!

Meet and Greet Coordinator – Greensboro

Greyhound Friends is looking for an organizer to set up and schedule regular meet and greets at Greensboro locations including pet stores, restaurant patios (such as Panera Bread for example) and other locations. The work includes contacting the managers of such locations, scheduling volunteers, and advertising the events via our various social media outlets.

Special Event Opportunities

Another type of volunteer opportunity available at Greyhound Friends is helping out with our periodic special events. We put on a number of these events each year, both at the kennel and offsite. Planning, communication, setup, hosting and takedown are required for each event and volunteers are critical to successful events.

Mountain Hounds

For more than a decade, we’ve held our Mountain Hounds great greyhound gathering in Gatlinburg Tennessee. This three day FUN-draising event requires legions of volunteers both before, during and after the event. Is your specialty finding items for our silent auction? Or, would you like to help prepare materials for the event? Can you help us load our truck before the event? Numerous opportunities exist, so please consider helping with this great event. Some of the opportunities for this event take place in Charlotte NC. Be sure to visit the Mountain Hounds website and Facebook page to learn more.

Other events during the year might include a Spa Day where we offer to trim nails, bathe and pamper greyhound visitors as a fundraiser or a kennel-sponsored “drop-in” where guests can browse our merchandise for sale, have photos made of their pups and enjoy snacks. These events are often held to coincide with holidays, such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Please keep a close eye on our Events Calendar and Facebook pages for these opportunities throughout the year. All these events are a great way to get involved and support our cause!

Fundraising, Leadership and Digital Opportunities

Our team is looking for dedicated volunteers with experience, ideas, and interest in donor development, corporate sponsorships, fundraiser event planning or advertising. If you have experience with grant applications (formal or informal) we’d love to talk to you as well.

We are looking to grow our Board of Directors and add to the skill sets, experiences and professional backgrounds we can draw on as an organization.

Our website is often the first introduction the public has to our group. We are always looking for folks to help us keep content fresh and suggest new ways to improve our digital outreach.

Please contact Malay Shah at mbshah48207 at to learn about how you can help in any of these areas.

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