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About Payoff
  • Racing Name Daves Payoff
  • Sex Male
  • Date of Birth June 27, 2010
  • Racing Weight 71 lbs.
  • Ear Tattoos 60B-53938
  • Notes Previous Home, Triangle (TAGs)
  • Pedigree My Family Tree

Payoff was returned due to owners relocating. Payoff is a very sweet and well-behaved greyhound. He’s smart and observant – loves to look out the window. Very quick to pick up on routines – for example, at mealtime he goes to his crate and lays down patiently to wait for me to bring his bowl. I’d describe him as medium energy – he enjoys a brisk 30 minute walk (even when it’s hot/humid), but isn’t bouncing off the walls if we miss a day. He is quick to lay down in the house, on a dog bed or the floor. Prefers to be in the same room with me, or at least where he can see me.

Payoff gets along well with other dogs, and is very tolerant of whippet antics. Is not bothered when other dogs come near him when he’s laying down. He is very keen on wild animals he sees on our walks (rabbits, squirrels and even deer!). He just stares at them though, and so far hasn’t given chase. Hasn’t lifted a leg in the house, and marks only a few times on walks. Likes to go for car rides – jumps right in.

Payoff does well at greyhound gatherings and also shopping at Petsmart! He is very food motivated and comes when called. I think he would make a great companion for someone who works from home at least part of the time (as I do). He is quiet (won’t interrupt phone calls!) and is happy to sleep for hours on a bed right outside my office. He is a dog that will continue to show more personality over time, and will make a wonderful pet for the right owner.

Raleigh Contact:

Charlotte Eby-Peinert

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