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About Polly
  • Racing Name Pot Pourri
  • Sex Female
  • Date of Birth October 1, 2019
  • Ear Tattoos UKTXX
  • Notes Triangle (TAGs)
  • Pedigree My Family Tree

I am a lovely girl and I kennel with anyone. I am good on lead, love kids, a good groom and fuss. I was born and bred in Ireland but live and race in the UK. I also have a lovely snowflake coat.  Check out my photo gallery!

I am from the UK.  Due to the cost of bringing me across the pond, my adoption fee is $817.00. There is a Service Fee added for Credit Card, PayPal, or Square payments. If a check is used, there is no service charge and the fee is $800.00.

If you are interested in adopting, please review our Adoption Eligibility & Requirements prior to submitting an application on this website.



Polly's Been Adopted
Her new home is with Nic H. of Raleigh, NC (November 2023).

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