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About Larry
  • Racing Name LK’s For Real
  • Sex Male
  • Date of Birth July 3, 2009
  • Ear Tattoos 79D-51174
  • Notes Previous Home, Seniors
  • Pedigree My Family Tree

Larry is an 8 year old, large (raced at 83lbs) brindle male. He is a mellow, laid back guy who will stand in one spot as long as you will pet him! He lived with a female sheltie (alpha female) in his previous home without issues. He is not suitable as an only dog. He likes to run every now and then and will do his 2 minutes of zoomies and then be content to lounge around the rest of the day. He has been leash walked to potty for the past 5 years, but would love a fenced yard if you have one! He crates well while home alone. He would LOVE a greyhound sibling and may be cat trainable with time (depends on the cat). Larry takes phenobarbital twice a day to prevent seizures, which he has about once a year. Larry loves food and doesn’t let the fact that he has had quite a few teeth removed stop him from eating his meals. He would love a family that has plenty of time for ear scratches. He is up for adoption due to absolutely no fault of his own.

Other random info: fine with kids but screaming newborns seem to make him nervous (retreats to his crate), knows the commands sit, wait (put his bowl down, say wait and he will wait to eat until you say ok), mine (don’t touch it), leave it (walk away) and Crate. Loves to go for walks, travels well in the car. Eats Rachel Ray Nutrish chicken and rice food, 1.5 cups in the morning and evening. Has also done fine on Iams green bag in the past. Gets his pheno in a piece of American cheese at 8 am and pm. Sleeps in the bedroom on his dog bed. Likes to be covered with his blanket to sleep, if it seems like he won’t settle he probably will if you hold his blanket up. We have been trying to break that habit for a long time with no luck. He will sleep through a nail trim with clippers or a dremel. His red coat fits best and sometimes he won’t go to the bathroom if he’s too cold. He loves his squeaky hedgehog. Overall he is a big loveable guy.

Larry's Sponsors
Iain HadgraftThank You!
Edwin TisdaleThank You!
Larry's Been Adopted
His new home is with Taylor G., Wilmington, NC (January 2019).

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