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About Al
  • Racing Name Artex Albatross
  • Sex Male
  • Date of Birth March 18, 2019
  • Racing Weight 71 lbs.
  • Ear Tattoos 39F-73429
  • Notes Charlotte, Previous Home
  • Pedigree My Family Tree

Al has come back to the group through no fault of his own. He is a sweet boy. Is getting along with the other greyhounds in his foster home. Has a bit of a growl if woken unexpectedly. He a love bug and will come over and lay that beautiful head on your arm with a look that says, Hey I am handsome how about some pets. Al would prefer to have another greyhound in the house to help him adjust during those times the humans are away. He has some separation anxiety from his humans and needs someone who can work with him on feeling secure.

Al does have a medical issue, he has been diagnosed with a heart murmur with valve involvement. He has been put on the medication Pimobendan (generic for Vetmedin) which should keep progression in check. He will need this medication for the rest of his life as well as monitoring of his heart. Al is looking for someone that wants a couch snuggle buddy, he does like taking a walk and just being with his people.

If you are interested in adopting, please review our Adoption Eligibility & Requirements prior to submitting an application.

Al's Been Adopted
His new home is with Patrick & Amanda M of Rock Hill, SC (February 2023).

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