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A Momma Hound Fairy Tale – Part 2

First, we changed her name. She needed a nice southern name, so she is now Petunia Grace. We call her Tunie. She spent the first few days admiring her reflection in the mirror, the refrigerator, and the oven! Yes, she had lots of teeth removed - 32 in all!! That leaves ...
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A Momma Hound Fairy Tale – Part 1

Cammie was our seventh greyhound adoption. We have two rambunctious boy greys: Odin (who just turned eight), and Loki (who is three). We had recently had to put Gracie (our sweet 14-year-old girl) to sleep. I saw the momma hounds on GFNC's site...
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Greyhound Helps Teen Battle Lupus

If you spotted Becca Hart striding down the street in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, her red brindled Greyhound Mike loping amiably at her side in his red-and-black service dog vest, you might be tempted to wonder, “Why does she need an…

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