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Hookworm Alert

Hookworms are an intestinal parasite found in 99% of greyhounds from Florida. While we treat each greyhound for hookworms when they arrive at the kennel, these parasites can be very difficult to eliminate. They have become resistant to most common treatments.…

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CPA Day of Service at GFNC

Many, many thanks to the volunteer team from Bernard Robinson & Company! This past weekend, they cleaned the old and new offices, washed dogs and the building, walked dogs, and took inventory. Thank you for once again choosing Greyhound Friends…

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Big Changes at the Hound Boutique

Big changes are happening to the Hound Boutique! The building at the kennel previously known as the Hound Boutique has been removed. Kennel staff and volunteers no longer need to worry about encountering snakes or mice when they go inside…

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Ring in the New Year with GFNC

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to you, our Greyhound Friends of NC family!  We’re proud to report 240 Greys found new forever homes in 2017 – this is the highest adoption rate since 2009!  Together, our staff…

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