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Adopting a greyhound is a lifelong commitment and serious consideration should be given to your decision to adopt a greyhound. Being a responsible greyhound owner requires a commitment on your part both financially and emotionally for many years to come.  Before deciding to proceed with our application process, GFNC suggests that you invest some time to research and learn about the retired racing greyhound to be sure you are making the right decision and they are the perfect match for your family.  Our New Adopter’s Guide and several articles about helping your greyhound adapt to life as a pet are linked below. Further down is a list of websites and books many greyhound adopters know and love.

Greyhound Adopter Links
  • Free Pet Microchip Registry – Website to register your greyhound’s microchip and enter/update contact information
  • Hookworm Alert – GFNC recommendations for treating those pesky hookworms
  • The Greyhound Project – Required reading for anyone interested in adopting a greyhound. Be sure to read this piece: Trust: A Deadly Disease
  • Greytalk Forums – Online community of greyhound lovers who share stories, ideas, and pictures of their hounds
  • Greyt Health – An archive of Dr. Suzanne Stack’s most requested articles about greyhound health
  • National Greyhound Association – Request an official certificate registering your retired racing greyhound as a pet
  • Greyhound-Data – Searchable database of racing greyhounds including lineage, littermates and additional information
A Word About Advice

Undoubtedly you will get a lot of advice – good and bad – from other greyhound adopters. Read and research as much as you can to prepare yourself. Understand that sometimes you may need to try more than one approach to a problem because every greyhound is an individual.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Our goal is to make sure these dogs never have to be uprooted again. Perhaps the most important thing you can do is contact us if you have questions, no matter how small. We want to help you troubleshoot any problems sooner rather than later.

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