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Since greyhound racing has ended in Florida and Alabama, there are fewer retired racing greyhounds available for adoption than in previous years. We have only a few dogs coming in every other month and an increase in adoption applications. In addition, the greyhounds we are currently receiving are active, young aged, and very few are testing small dog/cat trainable. Based on this, we have updated our adoption eligibility, guidelines and process for adoption.

Please carefully review the Adoption Eligibility, Guidelines, Process, and Resources page PRIOR to submitting an online application.
Adoption Eligibility

We are currently NOT accepting applications from:

  • Students, due to irregular schedules, financial/environmental instability and unpredictability of future.
  • Adopters under the age of 28.
  • First-time greyhound owners that reside in a rented apartment, condominium, townhouse or multifamily home.
  • People residing in a Residential Care facility (including nursing homes, halfway homes, assisted living or continuing care retirement communities) and homes providing daycare or foster care for children.
  • First-time greyhound owners without a fenced yard. See the fencing requirements below.

To adopt from Greyhound Friends of NC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • All adults in the household must agree to the adoption of a greyhound.
  • Existing pets must be current on vaccinations, current on heartworm preventative and be spayed or neutered (exceptions may be considered for medically necessary reasons) and we will confirm this with your current veterinarian.
  • Adopters must be able to take on the financial responsibility of owning a dog.
  • Due to the low number of greyhounds and the high volume of applications we are receiving, priority will be given to previous GFNC adopters, previous greyhound owners, and single-family homeowners (not multiple family homes or roommates) with securely fenced yards (see fence requirements below).
  • Adoptions to homes with children or frequently visiting children (neighbors, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, etc.) will be made on a case-by-case basis; For first time owners, greyhounds will not be placed in a home with children or frequently visiting children age ten (10) or under; for homes with children under the age of fourteen (14) greyhounds will only be placed in homes with a securely fenced yard (see fence requirements below).
  • Fenced yard requirements:
  • Direct access from house to a securely fenced area with fence being a minimum height of 4 ft on all sides (5 ft or higher is preferred)
  • Fence must be in good condition and have secure lockable gate(s)
  • Enclosed patios, decks, balconies, shrubs/hedgerows or dog parks do not qualify as a fenced yard
  • Electric, underground, invisible, barbed wire, 3-4 horizontal board (livestock type) fences, portable kennel run or areas shared with livestock are not acceptable for greyhounds
  • If you are away from home/work long hours (10 or more hours at a time) and dog will be left alone, please reconsider adopting a greyhound.
  • We receive a limited number of cat/small dog trainable greyhounds and currently have a waiting list for these as we receive them; if you are a first-time greyhound owner with cats or small dogs your application may be declined.
  • Our foster families are in Charlotte/Triangle/Wilmington (NC) and Fort Mill/Rock Hill (SC). It is difficult for our volunteers to travel for first time adopter home visits and be available for support outside of these areas. If you are a first-time greyhound owner and located outside this geographic area or out of state, we may ask that you work with an adoption group closer to your location.
Adoption Requirements

When you adopt a greyhound from Greyhound Friends of NC, you agree:

  • To keep your greyhound as an indoor house pet in a climate-controlled home only (never housed in a garage, barn, outdoor kennel/pen or a yard with a doghouse) or left outside unsupervised for extended periods of time or while no one is home.
  • To keep your greyhound solely as a family home companion and not be used for medical, other business or experimental purposes; this includes, but is not limited to racing, hunting, breeding, laboratory research, experimentation or as an onsite clinic blood donor.
  • You have considered the cost of owning and caring for a greyhound and understand the minimum annual cost is $700-$1000. This includes: a nutritionally balanced food, routine vet care, yearly heartworm testing, monthly heartworm prevention, vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, intestinal worm checks/treatment, dental care, crate, toys, licensing, grooming and boarding. You must be prepared and able to meet this minimum financial commitment as well as all emergency vet care for the lifetime of the dog.
  • To use a correctly-sized martingale collar and a standard leash, not a flexi-lead or retractable leash and to always keep a collar bearing identification on your greyhound.
  • To comply with all state and local ordinances concerning proper pet licensing and vaccination requirements.
  • To keep your greyhound current on all medical needs, including annual heartworm testing, monthly heartworm prevention, vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, intestinal parasite treatments with veterinarian follow up as needed, dental care, a healthy diet and kept at an appropriate post racing/retirement weight.
  • To NEVER let your greyhound run loose unless in a securely fenced area – you must walk your greyhound with a standard leash when in an area without a secure fence regardless of weather, time of day or if you are in a rural area.
  • To NEVER tie or stake out your greyhound to a stationary object or use a tie-out chain, zip line or run line.
  • To NEVER transport your greyhound in the open bed of a vehicle (i.e., pickup truck).
  • To NEVER use electric, static or no-bark correction collars on your greyhound for training or behavior issues.
  • To notify GFNC immediately if your greyhound is ever lost, escapes or is stolen.
  • To not give or sell (including to family or friends) the greyhound to anyone without the written permission of GFNC; ALL greyhounds adopted by GFNC, must be returned to GFNC if you are unable or unwilling to keep the greyhound for any reason.

Adopting a Greyhound is a serious lifelong commitment, and our foster greyhounds rely on us to place them into loving responsible forever homes, if you are unable to adhere to the Adoption Eligibility/Requirements above, please reconsider applying for adoption.

Adoption Process
Submit Application

Once you have reviewed the Adoption Eligibility and the Adoption Requirements above and are in agreement to comply, complete and submit our online Adoption Application.

  • Upon successful submission of online application, you will receive an automated response to confirm receipt of your application, please allow 2-3 weeks for our volunteers to process. Please check your spam folder for this confirmation.
  • The questions in the application will assist our adoption counselors with determining the right greyhound for your home.
  • We will contact your veterinarian to verify that your pets are current on their vaccinations and heartworm prevention.
  • A home visit may be scheduled on prospective adopters to assist us in selecting a compatible greyhound for you,
  • Our goal is to place our greyhounds in the best environment for their personality, activity level and temperament to ensure it’s a perfect match for everyone; we do not place our greyhounds solely by appearance.
  • GFNC reserves the right to approve or deny an application for any reason at any point in the application process, including for providing false information and distance from our adoption coordinators/foster homes.
Finding a Match

Once your application has been processed and approved, an adoption counselor will contact you to discuss your application, answer any questions you may have and notify you of any current fosters available that would be a good match for your home.

  • Once a match is found, the foster parent will make arrangements for a meeting with you and the greyhound.
  • If the foster parent and you agree it’s a match, an Adoption Contract Agreement (preview) will be completed, the adoption fee will be collected and you will be the lucky owner of a retired racing greyhound!
Adoption Fee*

$1,200.00 (Australian, Irish, UK greyhounds)
$425.00 (West VA greyhounds 0-5 years)
$375.00 (West VA greyhounds 6-9 years)
$100.00 (West VA greyhounds Seniors 10+)

* There will be a Service Fee added for Credit Card, PayPal, or Square payments.

What's Included

Spay or neutering
All vaccinations
Full physical exam
Heartworm and fecal exams
Bath and nail clipping
Basic martingale collar
Plastic muzzle
GFNC identification tag

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