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Adoption Eligibility

To adopt from Greyhound Friends of NC, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Existing pets must be current on vaccinations, current on heartworm preventative and be spayed or neutered (exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis) and we will confirm this with your current veterinarian
  • Generally, we will not place a greyhound in a home with children under the age of eight (8), as we are unsure that this will be safe for your family or the greyhound
  • Adopters must be 25 years of age or older and be able to take on the financial responsibility of owning a dog
  • Generally, we will not place a greyhound with students
  • You should own your home or have a rental that allows large dogs. If you rent, you may be asked to provide a written approval from your landlord before adoption
  • All adults in the household must agree to the adoption of a greyhound
  • Invisible or electric fencing cannot be used for a greyhound
  • GFNC considers applicants mainly in the geographic area limit of North Carolina and upstate South Carolina
  • Our foster families are located throughout North Carolina (Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Greensboro & Charlotte) and upstate South Carolina (Fort Mill, Rock Hill); out of area adoptions are difficult for volunteers to travel for home visits and adoptions
  • If you are located outside the geographic area we will refer you to other reputable greyhound adoption groups
Adoption Requirements

When you adopt a greyhound from Greyhound Friends of NC, you agree:

  • To keep your greyhound as an indoor house pet only (never housed in a garage, barn, outdoor kennel/doghouse or left outside for long periods of time or with no one home, even in a fenced yard)
  • To keep your greyhound current on all medical needs, including annual heartworm testing, monthly heartworm prevention, immunizations, flea/tick prevention and a healthy diet
  • To keep your greyhound as a pet and never use it for racing, hunting, breeding, laboratory research or experimentation
  • To NEVER tie your greyhound to a stake/stationary object or put on a tie-out chain
  • To NEVER let your greyhound run loose unless in a securely fenced area and to use a correctly sized martingale collar and a standard leash, not a flex-lead or retractable leash
  • To walk greyhound with a standard leash when in an area without a fence *Please carefully assess your ability to this commitment before submitting an application*
  • To keep a collar bearing identification on your greyhound at all times
  • To return the greyhound to GFNC if you are unable or unwilling to keep the greyhound for any reason
  • Not to give or sell the greyhound to anyone without the written permission of GFNC
Adoption Process
Submit Application

Once you have reviewed the Adoption Eligibility and the Adoption Requirements above and are in agreement to comply, complete and submit our online Adoption Application.

  • The questions in the application will assist our adoption counselors with determining the right greyhound for your home
  • Our goal is to place our greyhounds in the best environment for their personality, activity level and temperament to ensure it’s a perfect match for everyone
  • We will contact your veterinarian to verify that your pets are current on their vaccinations and heartworm prevention
  • A home visit may be scheduled on prospective adopters to assist us in selecting a compatible greyhound for you
  • GFNC reserves the right to approve or deny an application for any reason at any point in the application process, including for providing false information and distance
Finding a Match

An adoption counselor will contact you to discuss your application, answer any questions you may have and notify you of any current fosters available that would be a good match for your home.

  • If we do not have a foster greyhound that fits your particular needs (i.e., cat trainable, small dog trainable, etc.) you may need to be patient and wait for the right dog
  • Once a match is found, the foster parent will make arrangements for a meeting
  • If you and the greyhound agree it’s a match, an Adoption Contract Agreement (preview) will be completed, the adoption fee will be collected and you will be the lucky owner of a retired racing greyhound!
Adoption Fee

$425.00 (0-5 years)
$375.00 (6-9 years)
$100.00 (Seniors 10+)

What's Included

Spay or neutering
All vaccinations
Full physical exam
Heartworm and fecal exams
Dentistry (teeth scaling)
Bath and nail clipping
Basic martingale collar
Plastic muzzle
GFNC identification tag

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