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Lost Greyhound Resources

Lost Greyhound”. Two dreaded words most of us hope to never hear.

It can happen to anybody at any time. And when it does, swift action is key: The faster you act, communicate, and put feet (and flyers) on the ground, the better your chances are for a happy ending. There are steps to prepare for the eventuality your greyhound gets lost and several preventive measures you can take now.

During Mountain Hounds 2022, Ducky McComas presented the “Lost Greyhound Emergency”, an info-packed seminar with a booklet handout. We’re sharing the Lost Greyhound Emergency Booklet so you can prepare, in the hopes you never have to use it.

The Lost Greyhound Emergency Booklet contains:

  • Emergency Contact Resources
  • Creating & Distributing the Flyer
  • Flyer Template
  • How & Where to Search
  • Online Posting
  • The Capture
  • Escape Prevention
  • Traveling
  • Products
  • and More…


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