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Greyhound savvy vets

Greyhounds are different (that’s probably the understatement of the year!) And when it comes to veterinary care, it’s more important than ever to realize these differences as it can dramatically impact the outcome of treatment.

So to help new adopters or new-to-the-area greyhound parents, we’ve compiled a list of greyhound-savvy vets in the GFNC adopting areas, including:

  • Triangle Area
  • Charlotte Area
  • Greensboro Area
  • Western NC
  • Eastern NC
  • Fort Mill/Rock Hill, NC
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee

While we realize the list is not 100% exhaustive, it concentrates on the GFNC adoption areas (and not the whole states.)

We also included the greyhound-specific lab values at some differ drastically from other breeds’. Did we say greyhounds were different? That’s why we love them!

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