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Kennel Building Closing

The passage of Amendment 13 by Florida voters last year rocked the Greyhound racing and adoption communities. Like many other groups, GFNC has been directly impacted because the majority of Greyhounds adopted through GFNC come from Florida racetracks. Now, just six months after the Amendment passed, the availability of Greyhounds has changed in ways no one could have anticipated.

Fewer racing Greyhounds are being bred and tracks are retaining Greyhounds longer than they traditionally have. As a result, far fewer retired racers are being made available for adoption. Media coverage after the passing of Amendment 13 further raised awareness of the breed and resulted in an influx of adoption applications across the country, further stretching an already reduced supply of adoptable Greyhounds. Year-to-date adoptions are down nearly 50% from last year and our kennel has been completely empty at times. For the first time in decades, we have a waiting list; at last count, it stood at more than 60 applicants wanting to adopt a Greyhound.

Due to the reality of the situation we face, we have made some difficult decisions – but we believe these are the most responsible actions we can take to serve the Greyhounds we so love. In short, it is not sustainable for GFNC to continue operating a seriously underutilized kennel facility. Instead, building a foster-based program will enable us to continue the important work needed to place retired racers in loving homes. We believe this model will better suit us for the future of Greyhound adoption given the shifting landscape. We also hope to be in a position to assist in nationwide efforts to foster/transport large numbers of dogs should the need arise when racing ends in Florida.

Effective immediately, GFNC will: 1) cease adoption operations at our kennel facility in Greensboro, 2) begin winding down the property, and 3) work to restructure into a fostering-centered organization. We will maintain our phone number and email contact points, continue to rehome returned Greyhounds, and provide post-adoption support.

We truly appreciate your support as we work through this challenging time.

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