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We are almost at our 4 month together anniversary, and our experience with Ranger just gets better and better. He is a smart, funny guy. Having Ranger in our family has enriched our lives, and his as well. Ranger has calmed down so much and has settled into a routine of walking, napping, eating, playing, and family time. Everything was so new to him at first, but now he can focus and heel (most of the time) on his walks with his Dad. He loves everyone, is excited to meet all the neighbors (especially children), enjoys riding in the car, playing with his toys, running around in his fenced yard.
Advice for new greyhound families, Routine and Patience are key. As much as possible we try to feed and walk Ranger at the same times every day. We think that having a daily routine and lots of praise and encouragement has helped Ranger to adjust quickly to family life.

– Charles and Marilyn Rockett
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