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I recently brought home Swamp Fox, now named Mai Lohi Lohi or Milo. I already keep an adorably spoiled greyhound named ‘Ohana who just happened to be Milo’s littermate. I thought the two would be inseparable best friends. I was not prepared for what did happen.

Milo is the world’s biggest cuddle bug! He loves his brother but (and I had to face this early on after adopting ‘Ohana) ‘Ohana is not a snuggly greyhound. He likes to be near his human (or now doggie friend) and sleep next to me. But he does not want to be up-close-and-personal. So Milo turns to me. If I sit down at all during my day, he is there, in my lap, asleep in 30 seconds. I have learned the lost art of napping due to this dog. I thought I was bringing home a companion for my beloved first child greyhound. Instead I discovered the best sleepy day friend and tear-licking comforter this side of the Mississippi.

The two greys are best friends and get into a lot of trouble when I am not at home (somehow even cookies placed on top of the fridge are no longer safe). And aside from some grumpiness around who gets to sleep on the queen bed at night (spoiler: not me apparently), this household has turned into one greyt home!

Thank you all so much for the work you do! I feel so blessed to have brought home such special dogs from your kennel!

– Lauren Tysinger
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