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First, we have a name change. She really didn’t answer to Devin and I jokingly called her DeeDee and she came running with tail wagging, so DeeDee it is.

She really has fit in beautifully and is so sweet. The neighbor kids had to come meet her and while their mother and I were talking DeeDee laid on the floor and Haleigh (10 y/o) laid on the floor next to her, petting her, and DeeDee just groaned. I’d say she’s happy.

Had a “meet and greet” with Dr. Brinegar today, to get her stitches out and pick up some Sentinel. She charmed everyone. Also did some baseline blood work just because of her age. She hasn’t gained any weight, so thinking I’ll up her food a bit.

She actually did zoomies with Condor this afternoon, which was a first and she is almost as fast as he is.

Anyway, thank you again, home feels complete again.

– Benita Ford
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