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We adopted Annie on 1/1/2016. Happy New Year to us!

What a great addition to our family she has been. She has some special medical needs right now but she is a patient girl and very easy to manage.

Vanna was adopted in 2011 at GFNC and is turning 7 this April. She is the alpha but Annie isn’t intimated by her even though Vanna is much larger in size. Annie just pretends nothing is happening and Vanna backs down.

Annie loves Tucker, my mom’s dachshund, in that she loves to steal his food, toys and bed! He doesn’t mind as long as he can give her lots of kisses.

We are greyhound owners for life! Once you go Grey you can’t get away!

Annie is left (fawn), Vanna is right (brindle)

– Mary & Nick Sajfar
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