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A Momma Hound Fairy Tale – Part 2

Once upon a time (June 2015) GFNC received four momma hounds about 7 years old at the kennel for adoption. The following are the success stories of all four and the changes they have made in their humans’ lives.

Part 2: Petunia Grace “Tunie” (Mac’s Sugar Plum)

First, we changed her name. She needed a nice southern name, so she is now Petunia Grace. We call her Tunie. She spent the first few days admiring her reflection in the mirror, the refrigerator, and the oven! Yes, she had lots of teeth removed – 32 in all!! That leaves 6 remaining. With no teeth, her tongue often spills out of the side of her mouth. Sometimes, it wraps around her chin and she lays on it. We are not sure that is comfortable for her, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. Eating and drinking have become an adventure because everything falls out of the sides of her mouth! She is gaining weight nicely. She was only 53 pounds when her stitched were removed by our vet, but with a good diet and some extra protein she gained 4 pounds the first month.

She has settled in wonderfully with her greyhound brother, Reese, who is about the same age. He is showing her the ropes of living in a house. She is learning to love soft beds, a big back yard, loving mommies, soft treats, tennis balls, Frosty Paws, and car rides. She even went to the spa and tried out a pool!!! She is very curious and has stolen a few pieces of laundry and a slipper here and there to treasure in her bed!

We love her!!!!

Cyndie Alderman & Merrianne Thurston

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