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A Momma Hound Fairy Tale – Part 1

Once upon a time (June 2015) GFNC received four momma hounds about 7 years old at the kennel for adoption. The following are the success stories of all four and the changes they have made in their humans’ lives.

Part 1: Cammie (Mac’s Dr. Cameron)

Cammie was our seventh greyhound adoption. We have two rambunctious boy greys: Odin (who just turned eight), and Loki (who is three). We had recently had to put Gracie (our sweet 14-year-old girl) to sleep. I saw the momma hounds on GFNC’s site, and thought one of the girls would be a great fit for our pack. I knew that they were usually some of the last to be adopted, and we very much wanted to give one of them a home. Odin is very playful yet sensitive, and Loki . . . well, Loki is a maniac who’s basically a 90-lb. puppy. If it can be gotten into, he’s into it. Loki’s a sweet boy, and we love him dearly, but he can be a bit of a jerk around Odin, stealing his toys, etc. We were looking for a “civilizing influence,” a house mom for our canine frat boys, and hoped that one of the momma hounds would be up to the challenge.

So we took our boys to meet the moms. When James brought Cammie out, we knew we had a winner. It was obvious that after having two litters of puppies, she wasn’t going to take any crap from just one puppy — even if he was a 90 pounder. Cammie has been a perfect fit for us. She’s playful and loves to run in our big back yard with the boys, chasing the deer down the fence. But if the boys get out of line, all it takes is one firm bark and a stern look from Momma Cammie, and the boys toe the line. Momma hounds are the best!

Lisa & Derek Shearin

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