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A Momma Hound Fairy Tale – Part 3

Once upon a time (June 2015) GFNC received four momma hounds about 7 years old at the kennel for adoption. The following are the success stories of all four and the changes they have made in their humans’ lives.

Janice was born on March 31, 2008 and has already gone to her forever home. She is now being called Mia because her adopter is also named Janice, and she thought folks might think she had lost her mind if she was outside calling her own name. The human Janice always greeted her at the kennel with “Hi Me!” which led to her new name Mia. It is also ironic that she is “Momma Mia” — get it? Like the movie, broadway play, and ABBA song!?

Mia is 7 years old and is a beautiful red fawn with big brown eyes. She had 2 litters of puppies; the first one shows only 2 puppies (both black) on Greyhound-data; the second one shows 5 puppies (3 red and 2 black). Before Mia came to GFNC to find her forever home, we had already adopted 2 pups from the 2nd litter, Mac’s Bayou Baby and Mac’s River Rat.

Mia is easily adjusting to her new life and enjoying her full retirement. She came to a home with 5 other Greys, 3 females and 2 males, and all have gotten along extremely well. Mia is a quiet, laid back girl with a keen interest in food (like most all newly adopted Greys). She loves to eat even though she had 30 teeth removed during her vet procedure. It’s a good thing we are told to add warm water to our Grey’s food to help them swallow. Mia is relegated to small and soft treats because she cannot chew the larger or harder ones.

When Mia came home, she was quite the “nester” liking to dig up the bedding. Now after only a couple of weeks, she is getting more comfortable and not nesting as much. Mia has been an easy addition to the pack and is a joy to have as a member of the family. Yeah, Momma Mia!


— Janice Opalinski


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