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I adopted my first grey, Trevor, in 2004, and he was a love from the very first. The staff were so helpful in making sure he and my other dogs were compatible. Unfortunately, he developed seizures and eventually died, when they were uncontrollable. I had adopted another grey, Indy, before I lost Trevor, and Indy was at a loss without him.

I went back to GFNC with Indy, so we could find another grey for our family. We needed a cat safe boy, since the other dogs at my house are small terriers. I had the choice of two, and without any real reason why, I chose the boy I now call Dasher. What a joy he is to all of us! He makes me laugh every day and he and Indy love running together in the backyard. Dasher lies upside down on the couch and you can only see his feet sticking up on the other side.

They have both been to Mountain Hounds for two years now, and they love it. They especially love the fun runs where they can run full speed around the field. The treats are an extra pleasure, as they love the frozen “cakes”, frosty paws, and any other goodies that get doled out.

As long as I am able, I will have a greyhound or two and will always look for them at GFNC!

Thank you for caring for these sweet furkids until adopters can come take them to their couches :-)

– Jo Salisbury
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