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We adopted Aerial two days after we lost our weimaraner, Scarlett, to cancer. We brought our other weim, Daisy, up to your center, to pick out her new sister, after meeting Debbie Hatley and her two greys at the pet store. Our Daisy had hid under the bed for two days after Scarlett died. When we brought her home, Aerial did not know how to walk up and down stairs and she was scared of the hardwood floors at first. Now she plays fetch in the backyard, goes for walks and wrestles with Daisy and loves to pick up blankets and rugs and carry them around the house. Aerial wakes us up in the mornings by sticking her cold nose under the blankets and smiling at us. She has brought a lot of happiness to a very sad house and Daisy has not been under the bed since we brought Aerial home. Thanks so much to the staff at your center for taking several hours to let Daisy pick out her sister and for educating us about how wonderful the breed is.

– Doug and Stephanie Anderson
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