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In late February 2002, we were fortunate enough to adopt Luna from GFNC. We first saw her jumping right off a truck of greys brought up from Florida. She was hard to miss, being almost pure white except for brown ticked ears. As soon as we saw Lu, we said, “That’s the grey we want!”

Sadly, we had to help Luna cross The Bridge Wednesday night. She would have been 14 January first, but that was not to be. The poor thing had stopped eating and based on tests and examinations, plus her non-response to a cortisone shot given to try to goose her appetite, our vet concluded Luna had cancer. She was far too old to treat for a tumor anyway and she was weak from having lost a tremendous amount of weight so we decided to let her go. She was here at home with us and her two whippet sisters when she passed.

Luna was as kind and gentle a creature as has ever walked this earth. All she wanted in the world was to be with my husband and I and the whippets. Long ago, I concluded she was actually an angel in a greyhound’s body.

Because Lu was white, she tended to attract a lot of attention, which she loved. When we walked her every evening, Luna just lived to meet new people who might pet her head!

Though our family has been in deep grief for the past 46 hours, we know we were so lucky to have this extraordinary creature in our lives for so many years. Luna will be utterly irreplaceable. Our great room is so empty without her lying on her bed in front of the fireplace.

– Mary Cook
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