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We adopted Bullet 9 years ago from GFNC.  He was 4 years old at the time and he is our very first greyhound.  We had 3 cats at home so we had to find a grey that was cat-trainable, thus limiting our choices.  At the time, there were only a very few dogs at the kennel that met that criteria.  Bullet had been at the kennel for a while and his picture on the website was not a good one.  He seemed a little aloof when we took him out and met him–I guess you could say he wasn’t our first choice.  I’m used to other dogs just jumping and loving on you–this was not the case with Bullet.  I had my reservations, but at the same time, I had my mind up that we were going to adopt a greyhound that day! We had spent a lot of time researching and preparing – we were ready! He ran along the perimeter of the fence and just stopped…maybe eyeing a squirrel. My husband said, “He’s the one – he looks regal & strong!”  We brought him home and the rest is history!  Over the months and years, we have seen him blossom into a loving and devoted companion, and is also perfectly behaved in every way! No counter surfing or separation anxiety – a perfect gentleman! My advice to anyone looking to adopt is please don’t overlook those dogs that might not seem as warm or as eager or have been at the kennel a while.  Each dog has their own personality that grows and develops within a loving family.  At 13 years old, Bullet is a treasured part of our family and enjoying a wonderful life. We are truly blessed!

– Bonnie
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