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Sugar was a beautiful 12 yr old fawn girl who was brought to the kennel by her owner. The owner had to give her up due to personal circumstances. Sugar came to live with us and at 12 we thought we would be blessed to have her a year. Sugar had other plans and that little 45 lb girl put her whole heart into enjoying life and everyone and everything in it. She zoomed around the yard as if she were 5. As befitting a lady she wore her pearls every day.

In 2011 at 15 yrs of age Sugar was the oldest greyhound at Sandy Paws and enjoyed all the attention and especially having her Daddy carry her around. After that trip she seemed to lose some of her zest and was diagnosed with lymphoma. Sugar joined the others at the bridge on May 3rd. We had her only three years but they were a grand three years.

If you want to know the secret of the greyhound world it is that SENIORS ARE GREYT.

– Lynda & Rick Montgomery
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