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Just a note to notify you of the recent loss of Max, aka Hasty Runner, whom we adopted at your facility. Max lived with us in Asheville for a couple of years before we relocated to Texas, near Austin. Max had quite a personality, and would eat almost anything…bluetooth headsets, eye glasses, rug gripper, remote controls, etc. One of those occassions resulted in surgery (a nylon stocking). But even that didn’t seem to phase him. Max recovered very quickly and was soon back to his dog-self, playing, sleeping and lazing about. It was bone cancer that eventually took his life. He let out a yelp while playing one day and started limping. After a trip to the vet and a round of pain medicine, he seemed to do better. We thought it was probably a sprain, due to his athletic, high-energy playing. But when it happened again two more times, the vet did an X-ray and diagnosed the condition as bone cancer. Max’s knee swelled to the size of a baseball during the next few weeks….it went downhill quickly. We did what we could to keep him comfortable, but he really began to struggle in the final days. We finally made the decision with our vet to put him to sleep.

We wanted to let you know. It was a sad day for us, and we really miss him.

Thanks for what you do to find homes for greys.

– Al & Paula Corley
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