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I adopted Cargo (aka Lester) right after college, when I was living alone in my first apartment. He was 5, and had a rough go of it – off the track and to another rescue that was shut down for neglect. I was told he had over 200 ticks on him when he came to GFNC. He stayed at GFNC for about a year, and then I came looking and fell in love. We had an incredible 8 year ride, and as I frequently told my now-husband, the dog came first. We had a lot of jokes. “Where the car goes, the dog goes; cargo space for cargo” – other than my honeymoon (and I argued about that), I never took a vacation without him. Unfortunately, he crossed the rainbow bridge about 18 months ago. While it wasn’t always an easy trip, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, and I would encourage anyone with room in their home and hearts to think about a greyhound. And GFNC was wonderful to work with on his adoption.

– Dana
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