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October Annual Membership Drive Month October 1-31st.

Membership dollars support our ongoing adoption efforts, enable Greyhound Friends to transport, feed and shelter greyhounds awaiting adoptive home, as well as provide all necessary medical care. Membership dollars help pay for our educational programs aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of the greyhound’s peril and of the availability and desirability of greyhounds as pets. Please consider helping us help more greyhounds find homes with your membership dollars. All members receive a newly design 2016 Membership decal.  




Interview with the President, Amy Reynard by Ace "Roo"porter. 
Why we have Membership Drives.

Ace "Roo"porter Penny here.  I wanted to know more about the “Membership Drive” the humans have been talking about.  Who better to ask than the President of GFNC, Amy Reynard!  I learned so much from our interview.  I am sharing the transcript so you can learn too.


Penny (P): Amy, can you explain why you do a membership drive each year?  What is that anyway?  Does it involve a car?  I love car rides!


Amy (A): No Penny, it does not involve a car.  Each year at this time GFNC asks our members to support the work we do.  Without the support of our members, we would not be able to afford to keep the kennel running!  We operate on a very tight budget so every dollar counts.  In the 22 years we’ve been operating, GFNC has placed over 5,300 Greyhounds in homes!  We want to keep up the work we’ve done over the years so we need everyone's support to keep our budget in the black.

P:  That’s a lot of happy Greys!  Can you tell me what you do with the money you receive?  I can’t imagine you have very many bills to pay.

A: The funds from our yearly membership drive help GFNC pay lots of bills.  Our expenses include rent, staff salary, vet bills, utilities, and kennel maintenance costs..  Even though we’re a non-profit, we still need to have money coming in to keep our bills paid.  When something breaks, we have to fix it.  In fact, we recently had to replace our heat/ac unit.  These expenses are above and beyond what we’re prepared to pay for, so we are extremely grateful for the donations our supporters sent to help! 


P:  Wow, that sure is a lot of bills!  Why do you have to pay the vet bill?  I thought the adoption fee covers those expenses.

A:  Often the vet bill is the same amount as the adoption fee, but sometimes it is more.  We don’t ask our adopters to pay the additional costs in those cases. When any dog has an injury or illness, we are quick to get them the care they need.  As you can imagine, our vet bills are one of our largest expenses. 


P:  This is a bit off topic but I have been wondering: what do the wonderful kennel staff and volunteers do all day? 

A: They keep our dogs fed, clean, and safe.  They also transport them to and from the vet.  In addition, they do turnout three times per day and scoop the yards after turnout, and they also have LOTS of carpets and blankets to clean.  They also clean the office and take care of the kennel grounds.  Others work with people to match our visitors with the perfect hound!  Some of our volunteers keep our Hound Boutique full of GREYT merchandise, and one of our volunteers works hard to make sure lots of people are scheduled to cover shifts at the kennel on nights and weekends.


P:  Thank you Amy for explaining this all to me. I sure am proud my human volunteers with such a caring and dedicated group of staff, volunteers, and board members!  I’d like to help out too. I don't have any money but I can give you some of my toys.


Humans: it's not too late to participate in this year's Membership Drive.  You don't need to pay now, you can make your pledge and submit monthly payments through your financial institution.


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